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Why You Need To Use The Online Marking Software

The old means of marking tests are still in use by most of the examination bodies. This is through paper marking as well as excel. It is the right time to switch to the new way of online marking software. We will have a look at some of the advantages that the online marking software provides to those who install it for marking tests. You will get the advantage of the increased speed of results and also the administration time. Learn more about offline examinations. Marking of physical exam papers and entering the excel sheets may take a lot of time.

When you turn to the use of the online marking system, the process of marking and scoring is automated which increases the speed. Those who install l the online marking software can tell you that the quality of the same is improved greatly. All bodies that provide exams are required to maintain high quality and consistent marking. You are able to to keep check of all the markers and put some controls for the process which ensures that you maintain high quality and consistent marking. Therefore the number of errors are brought down which improves quality.

The online marking software is also able to streamline the flow of the marking process which ensures that the errors made on calculation of scores are eliminated. Another benefit that you will get by embracing the online marking software is standardization of marking. If you are having a number of physical markers, it is very hard to make sure that they use the same standards. The online marking software is very important as it will use the same standards of marking as you have the ability to use controls of the process.

Another major gain you get when you install the online marking software is the moderation of the pass rates. If you are using excel, it is very difficult to moderate these differences. These are ins situations where you meet that there are very high or low pass rates for a given paper after marking. Get more info about Software. You will have tolls to moderates these pass rates when you install the online marking software.

You as well gain the benefit of security of marking, of the exam papers and results and also the identity of the candidates. There is a feature for hiding the names of the candidates which protects anonymity. You will secure the results and data sura to the secure data storage ability. There are also marker permissions that allow the markers to access only the designated areas. Learn more from


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